This book cover scans your face on emotions.
Only when you approach it without judging it will unlock.

A prototype for the 2015 annual of the Art Directors Club Netherlands.
We created a smart book cover that can detect facial expressions. The book is full of great creative work that has (already) been judged and awarded, that’s why the cover will unlock only when you approach it with a neutral face that does not judge.

How it works
The “Cover That Judges You” has an integrated camera and facial-recognition technology that scans the facial expressions of whoever approaches. The system will scan your face for any signs of “judgment”. If you are overexcited or when your face shows discerning emotions the book cover will stay locked. However, if your expression is neutral, the system will send a pulse to the Arduino micro-controller and the metal lock on the book will unlock itself. The reader can then browse through the book.

The technology
The camera is positioned at the top of the cover, above a screen that feeds back the image when it detects a face in close proximity. Using NXT, it detects abstracted facial features that form the shape of the screen and allows the prospective user to line up their eyes, nose and mouth to the optimum position. Over expressive features will turn the feedback screen red, but once the correct alignment is obtained, the screen turns green and a signal is sent to the Arduino board to open the chunky metal lock.

We’ve used and written very complex algorithms to scan the users face and expression. Based on many parameters we are able to determine if someone is sad, happy or neutral.”
Jordi Buskermolen, Technical Director at This Page Amsterdam

“I often worry about my scepticism and judgement getting in my way of amazement and Judgement should never hinder relentless enthusiasm of seeing things for the first time”
Thijs Biersteker, Creative Director Moore

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