With the creation of the multichannel B2B2C New From Bose experience platform we created a unique way of presenting Bose’s new headphones to the market. By experimenting with a modern user interface and fresh visual design we were able to actively generate qualified leads and sales to the participating retail-partners, doubling the sales conversion of Bose headphones. This platform uses the Iceleads Buy Now functionality.

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Bose is experiencing competition from new market entrants like Beats By Dre and Sennheiser. The challenge is to effectively activate and persuade the end consumer to learn about Bose products (branding), to boost product sales via retail (conversion) and strengthen the position of the Bose brand and their quality products offered to the market.

Bose Dimensions

This requires finding the right balance between emotion/branding and performance based marketing – two  approaches that often don’t go hand in hand with each other.

Bose product page

The multichannel campaign featured 5 products in 3 colors, with 7 retail partners. (5 x 3 x 7 = 105 shop offers). This means, even though the campaign features a limited amount of products, an automated solution is required to manage and control the quality of the campaign deeplinks and purchase links.

Bose Buy Now

Watch the case video here.