Operatie Glasvezel

IN COLLABORATION WITH N=5, we created KPN’s Operatie Glasvezel (Operation FIBerGLASS).

The concept was based around a tactile “spam” operation by kids on their parents convincing them that fibreglass internet is indeed a sweet deal. Kids promise to do a certain chore for a period of time, and as a concession the parents will receive personalised actions over the span of 1 week: a personalised e-card, wallpaper, banner, mug and parents who stick out the week long offensive go in the running to win a painting.


N=5 were the creative brains behind the KPN operation, whereas This Page Amsterdam were the braun in the technical realm. Using a responsive framework, the application is cross-device friendly and snappy when serving videos. The bright colours and bold texts were just right for the younger audience, and we spiced up the painted illustrations with the usual JS animation hot sauce. Check it out on